"Why I'm Happy I Became a Prostitute"
"Why I'm Happy I Became a Prostitute"
One woman's story of working as an escort: "I don’t regret selling sex for a variety of reasons—one of which is that it’s allowed me to meet many good men. And in doing so, it’s forever changed me for the better." picked by B-MoreRavensFan 3 months ago
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3 months ago
"The benefit package isn't great, but I get to be my own boss, and have lots of vacation time."
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3 months ago
« zircon77777 : "The benefit package isn't great, but I get to be my own boss, and have lots of vacation time."
She might need a better health care package seeing as she's taking a huge risk of catching something.
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3 months ago
One of my best friends is an escort because of a felony (embezzlement, drugs) she obtained in her past. She is unhirable and has needs like every one of us-food and shelter.

She told me the recession hit her industry hard but thanks God for her profession which allows her to have incredible experiences. She has a blog and twitters under her "stage name." I send her stuff all the time that she shares with her world.

I love hearing her stories. Down to every little detail. Yes, she encounters some unfavorable people but for the most part, her life is like the woman in the article. And yes, healthcare is an issue. So is reporting a crime due to not wanting police attention. She is constantly looking over her shoulder. That must be tough. Even when you're mugged in your own neighborhood.

But I love her. And want her to be safe. Not much I can do but have faith in her street smarts. They have worked so far.
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3 months ago
things in movies stemmed from reality , i know
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3 months ago
"Farley’s cloudy thinking rests on the belief that a man’s sexual interest in a woman is fundamentally disrespectful, fundamentally abusive, and fundamentally wrong."

That rings true from what I've heard and studied in feminist literature, and I used to teach gender at a college. It's certainly not what most women think or even that many, but there is a certain cadre of academics that take that basic "truth" as gospel before predicating anything else about male/female interaction.
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3 months ago
She discovered that ideologies are not always based on facts. Good for her.
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3 months ago
I dont care why she's happy, but i know why i am...

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3 months ago
than you can enjoy your life with it.
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1 month ago
That was a great well written article. Kudos!
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