How Much Is A Hand Job In Your Neighborhood?
How Much Is A Hand Job In Your Neighborhood?
Wired took a look at the sex worker industry in New York City and turned out a series of fun stats! For instance, what would a hand job cost you in your neighborhood? If you're in the Bronx, it's just 75 bucks plus a shot at the bar. In Manhattan, it's $125 north of 14th Street, but if you go to Chinatown or Soho, the price goes up to $175. picked by suebe 3 months ago
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3 months ago
The price is the same its always been; usually between 2 & 6 drinks.
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3 months ago
People pay for a HJ?

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3 months ago
« tonynoriega : People pay for a HJ?

Calculating what you should have been paid all those years, are you?
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3 months ago
Confidence! The most important rule of getting chicks.
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