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 Junk food makes woman have orgasms
Junk food makes woman have orgasms
Pass the Pringles... picked by Bornbad 8 months ago
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8 months ago
Maybe, but there's probably an inverse correlation between amount of junk food eaten over the course of one's life time to number of orgasms.

Fatties. >_>
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8 months ago
Enough fast food, and that will be the ONLY way she gets off....

There IS such a thing as TOO fat, even to the lovers of BBW's.
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7 months ago
So can bananas & cucumbers.
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7 months ago
I think they're called Smore-gasms
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7 months ago
Buffalo chicken nachos during sex. YES
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7 months ago
Still seems to me that a vibrator would be a helluva lot easier.
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7 months ago


'nuff said
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7 months ago
« qpon : So can bananas & cucumbers.
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7 months ago
I like pie
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7 months ago
in life it were so common we would all be over 300 lbs
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