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 The 7-year itch is now the 3-year glitch
The 7-year itch is now the 3-year glitch
Researchers in the U.K. studied 2,000 adults in steady relationships and found that the 36-month mark is the point where things that were once endearing become irritating.
*my clock is ticking*
(It is almost time to bend over and kiss your ass good-bye) picked by Bornbad 7 months ago
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7 months ago
The only way to stay married is to not get divorced. No matter WHO you marry, there WILL be times they get on your nerves, irritate you, make a mistake... And so will you. Get over yourself. These times will pass, and the fun times, the snuggly times will come back.

Remember how difficult the dating game was? How lonely your days and nights without your spouse? Why throw away a better bet over the unknown?

As long as there is no fraud or abuse, no one is being hit, lied to, or stolen from, it's better than nothing, and probably better than the next thing you might find.
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