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 A sweeping survey of Americans' sexual behavior
A sweeping survey of Americans' sexual behavior
More than one-quarter of people interviewed in their late teens and early 20s had never had sex.
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7 months ago
"Many, many young people have been very receptive to the message of delaying sexual activity," Albert said. "There's no doubt about it."
I disagree; I think there's just an ever-expanding proportion of young people with no "game."

And there is definitely overlap; that is, kids who don't want to have sex, but even if they did, they couldn't get any.

Add to this grossly media-inflated standards for attractiveness of the opposite sex, and you have a generation that doesn't even want one another.
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7 months ago
And what do the teens consider "sexual contact"? Holding hands? Kissing? Groping? "Making out"?

And how many teens do you know of who will talk with a complete stranger about "that kind of stuff"? Sheesh, even my niece was hesitant to talk to me about her "love life" - at first.... Now if we're TOTALLY alone, she WILL hint at things she's done. And I listen, and accept, and offer her the best advice I can for HER. And never tell her mother, unless there is a concern that needs parental involvement - which there isn't so far, thankfully!
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7 months ago
wow that's looking so hotty and sexy.
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5 months ago
I think it's more like - more teens lying about having sex.
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5 months ago
Truly unbelieveable!
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