Due to time constraints in running and maintaining it, Plime is for sale.
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About Plime
Plime is an editable wiki community where users can add and edit weird and interesting links. Users earn karma when other users vote on their actions. The more karma you have, the more power you have at Plime.

Plime is a pliable tree of interesting links, cultivated and pruned by everyone. Be sure to read the FAQs, they can be found below among the links to the other categories. It relies on the power of online community participation to control it's structure and editorial content. It's also a great place to meet others with similar interests.

Here's a brief guide to get you started during our beta period. Come back to this page at any time by clicking the help link in the top-most navigation bar. For additional help and bug reporting, please visit the forum.

We are in the middle of collaborating on a FAQ and guidelines for this site. Click here to read it in its current state.

  1. Customize Your Account!
    Click on your username on the navigation bar > "settings" and choose a tab.

  2. Use Plime to keep a handle on news on any topic you love
    Plime has a potentially unlimited number of topics (because the community is growing the tree all the time). Plime automatically determines which articles are the most popular based on user activity and moves it up the category tree accordingly. In this way, news importance is determined through the interests of the userbase (and browsing guests), instead of an editorial staff.

  3. Subscribe to your favorite categories
    Click "Save Interest" button in any category and it will be added beneath your username on the plime tree and in your profile. Additionally, if you've chosen a location on your user map, any category you subscribe too will show your location along with anyone else who saved the interest!

  4. Are you comfortable with the system? Have others shown that they trust you by giving you a positive rating?
    You can now begin taking Plime into your own hands by changing it!

  5. Rate other users!
    When you see other users making positive or negative additions to the site, you can boost or lower their karma rating by voting on their actions. The higher an overall rating a user has, the more editing, voting and access powers become available to them.

  6. Discuss articles in the category-specific forums
    Every article can be commented on. There are also stand-alone categorized forums where users can meet and talk with others interested in the same topics.