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How a man flirted his way into a lifetime ban from Delta Airlines Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
Last Friday, after a day of delays and five Jack-and-Cokes, one Bryan Sisco boarded the Delta flight from Dallas to Atlanta at 9:45. Sisco said he just decided to sit down in a random seat. When Danielle Valimont, 23, happened to sit next to him, the recently divorced Sisco decided to flirt with her, offering her chocolate, and telling her he was an architect and a flight marshal. His seatmate -- One cool woman.
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But what do they do with their legs? Posted: 7 months ago by NoPantsMan
A wonderful article about a woman having "The Conversation" with her 9-year old daughter.
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How Did Dinosaurs Have Sex? Posted: 7 months ago by suebe
Carefully, I would imagine.
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Kidney Transplant Recipient Contracts HIV From Donor Posted: 8 months ago by suebe
For the first time in the U.S. since AIDS screening began 25 years ago, an organ recipient at a NYC hospital has contracted HIV from a live donor.
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.XXX Domain is Approved Posted: 8 months ago by suebe
ICANN, the international governing body responsible for doling out website domains, has approved the .xxx domain for porn sites. Finally, a place for porn on the internet.
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A sweeping survey of Americans' sexual behavior Posted: 9 months ago by Bornbad
More than one-quarter of people interviewed in their late teens and early 20s had never had sex.
*call me!*
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Northwestern University Class Featured Live Sexual Stimulation Demonstration Posted: 9 months ago by suebe
The optional presentation, attended by about 120 students, featured a naked non-student woman being repeatedly sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm by the sex toy, referred to as a "f**ksaw." You can get your own at
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Junk food makes woman have orgasms Posted: 9 months ago by Bornbad
Pass the Pringles...
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Reverse Bestiality: When Animals Commit Sexual Assault Posted: 10 months ago by Bornbad
Sexual assault is no laughing matter - unless, of course, the would-be rapist isn't human. Who doesn't giggle when they see a small dog humping someone's leg?
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How Much Is A Hand Job In Your Neighborhood? Posted: 10 months ago by suebe
Wired took a look at the sex worker industry in New York City and turned out a series of fun stats! For instance, what would a hand job cost you in your neighborhood? If you're in the Bronx, it's just 75 bucks plus a shot at the bar. In Manhattan, it's $125 north of 14th Street, but if you go to Chinatown or Soho, the price goes up to $175.
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Sex in the City Posted: 10 months ago by suebe
A Gentleman's Directory, circa 1870, provides a a Zagat-esque guide to the seedier side of the city, in particular, 150 brothels. At the time the guide was easily picked up at newsstands for the "Gentleman on the go".
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Undercover police cleared 'to have sex with activists' Posted: 10 months ago by Bornbad
Mark Kennedy had sexual relationships with several women while serving as an undercover policeman and infiltrating a ring of environmental activists
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2nd Graders Engage in Oral Sex in Classroom Posted: 10 months ago by suebe
A teacher has been suspended and the Oakland police have been called in after reports surfaced of two shocking sexual incidents involving second graders at an elementary school.
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Professor W and the Restless Genitals Posted: 10 months ago by Bornbad
“Scientific research conducted by Prof. Waldinger and his colleagues has shown that Restless Genital Syndrome is caused by a disorder (a sensoric neuropathy) of a short small nerve, the dorsal nerve of the clitoris.”
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"Officer, I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded" Posted: 11 months ago by suebe
Arthur Sedille was upfront with police: he would often put a gun to his wife's head during fantasy sex play.

But Sedille said he didn't know the gun was loaded when he pressed it to his wife's head and pulled the handgun's slide back during sex on the night of December 21.
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Sex in outer space Posted: 11 months ago by plurk
Here's a paper, published in the Journal of Cosmology, that discusses the intricacies of pregnancy, fetal development, and sex in outer space.

Recommendations include the possibility that male and female astronauts on a mission to Mars, should fly in separate space craft. (via)
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"Why I'm Happy I Became a Prostitute" Posted: 12 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
One woman's story of working as an escort: "I don’t regret selling sex for a variety of reasons—one of which is that it’s allowed me to meet many good men. And in doing so, it’s forever changed me for the better."
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Drive Thru Sex Toy Shop Posted: 1 year ago by suebe
Pleasures, a sex toy store in Huntsville, Alabama (where sex toys are technically illegal), just opened the country's first sex-toy drive-through service. Plus, no worries about traffic because there are three lanes.
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Low sex drive 'may be brain problem' Posted: 1 year ago by Aoibheal
Scans appear to show differences in brain functioning in women with persistently low sex drives, claim researchers.
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Sesame Street's Bert Suggests He May Be Gay Posted: 1 year ago by Bornbad
Rumours have circulated for years, but now one of Sesame Street's most famous icons has himself hinted he is gay.
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If it feels good, DO IT! Posted: 1 year ago by meggysue
THEY have sex with friends, acquaintances and people they’re casually dating. Many have never been tested for H.I.V. or any other sexually transmitted disease, but they rarely use condoms. Who are they?
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Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex Posted: 1 year ago by 2manyusernames
A survey done by works to show the errors of many of the stereotypes regarding gay sex and how it may differ from so-called straight sex. In short, it doesn't.
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A mother's letter to her daughter Posted: 1 year ago by icepigs
A mother penned a letter to her 19 year old daughter shortly after the after the Tyler Clementi tragedy.
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Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics Posted: 1 year ago by suebe
Duke University is in an uproar about a highly detailed
"f**k list" that a recent female graduate made — in PowerPoint, complete with penis-size evaluations and dirty talk transcripts. Here's the link to the NSFW presentation.
Recent television coverage
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Confessions of a College Pimp Posted: 1 year ago by suebe
An interview with a student who paid his way through college working as a pimp.
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