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Don't Procure
Vintage STD propaganda posters picked by suebe 7 months ago
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Sweat Bee, Arizona
With a vigorous quiver, an Arizona sweat bee "buzz pollinates" a deadly nightshade flower. Agapostemon sp. on Solanium rostratum, Arizona.
Photograph by Mark W. Moffett, National Geographic picked by plurk 8 months ago
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Fuck 'em all
Long before Duke University student published their f**k list, MIT students published their own. picked by suebe 1 year ago
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Completely fail safe
Completely fail safe picked by palmieres 1 year ago
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Durex Extra Large
Durex Extra Large ad. picked by Bornbad 1 year ago
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Internet Sex Moves: Volume 2
Internet Sex Moves Volume 1 picked by KerOBeroS32 1 year ago
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Remember, only your doctor can cure the clap
Remember, only your doctor can cure the clap picked by Bornbad 1 year ago
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home-made sex doll
do not try making a sex doll at home picked by cecilberman 2 years ago
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Sculptures look like human body parts [NSFW]
Atelier Van Lieshout of Rotterdam is best known for its sculptures that look like human bodies or body parts. Here are a few of my favorites — even the one of the spilled guts looks artistically beautiful to me. If you like them, and you happen to be in London, you can check out some of his furniture at the Carpenter Workshop Gallery this week. picked by Bornbad 2 years ago
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The Oyster
"The Oyster" will be bestowed on the winner of PorYes, the 1st European Feminist Porn Film Award in Berlin tonight. Link possibly NSFW. picked by suckersklub 2 years ago
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Coppin' a feel. picked by meddelem 2 years ago
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Girls have cooties
picked by heymrp 2 years ago
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Pope Condoms Say "No"
Pope Condoms Say "No" picked by iamamaniac 3 years ago
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Chuck Norris Action Jeans
Chuck Norris Action Jeans
Unknown picked by Bornbad 3 years ago
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Obama's Valentine
Happy vd picked by gammerus 3 years ago
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Good, better, best
A picture that I took a couple of years ago next to a road between Tarkwa and Abosso, Western Region, Ghana.
(Apologies, I have posted this before in another thread, but I thought it deserved another exposure here.) picked by rambler 3 years ago
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